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The Greatest Stories never told is a collection of stories by cartoonist Davy Francis that for some reason or other, usually plain laziness and apathy, never made it to print.We aim to remedy that situation by publishing these never-before-seen stories.That doesn't make them good, but we think you'll find them interesting.By the way, I'm saying 'we' here all the time, it's actually only me, Davy Francis, writing this, but usually using the 'we' makes it sound like a firm of on-line publishers, full of cool young guys with names like Josh and Brett, rather than a sad 51-year old man uploading some 20-year old story that he drew and put away and forgot about, then found, then thought 'I'll publish this on, by the way, is a really simple site to use and it's free, and you can create as many different sites as you like)'.I have a few more gems like this, one of which is a story written by Garth Ennis and drawn by me, I need to check my roofspace, which is where I keep all my old artwork.My old artwork seems to have just kept doubling in size, but then again, when I was working for 'Oink' in the late '80s, I was coming home from a normal 9 to 5 job, then drawing all night, doing artwork for Oink as well as writing scripts for then next week's strips, as well as drawing 3 or 4 pages per night of Ciderman or something for small press zines.Happy days, I couldn't do that now, of course, but when I retire that's my big plan, sit at a desk all day and draw funny nonsense.Sorry, rambling again.What I meant to say is, I have so much artwork, that some of it is bound not to have made it to print.I have another strip called 'Better the Devil you know'(another '80s strip) which is like one of the old 'Uncanny Tales' strips in style. 

Anyway, here it is, it's not serious, it's just comics,enjoy. 

                                                                                                                                                                                        -Davy Francis

Our first story, 'Manhunter', dates from around 1988, it was a knee jerk reaction to the Predator movies, which I do enjoy, it's more of a pastiche than a spoof, like a Predator movie I would have written if some fool with a pile of money to throw away had paid me.Anyway, he didn't, so I made my own movie, on paper.There's some bad language in it, and just as a warning, some of the other stories on this site will have strong language, or as my mother calls it, 'Video Language'.I drew this strip because at the time, I had just drawn a strip for Ray Zone , which was published in 3D, and we were planning to get stories together by me and other artists I knew and do a 3D comic for Ray, but for some reason or other, it never got done, but you can see little 3D elements in this strip.It's ironic really, because now I only have one eye I can no longer experience anything 3D-wise(not even all of Pixar's movies which are now all going to be made in 3D.Darn.)but looking at it from another more positive side, I am alive, and that beats everything, because as Robocop once said, 'Death Sucks'.

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